Saturday, November 07, 2009

Fuzzy Girl and Fuzzy Cat on Fuzzy Pillow

I had the great pleasure of making a fuzzy birthday pillow for one of my uncles-in-law. Because he's an Irishman in Chicago -- a cop no less! -- we were pretty much obliged us to go with a mostly-green color scheme. And as a girl with reddish hair myself, I find myself in possession of lots of green things, including three or four shades of green fleece.

So my fleece, my mother-in-law's initiative, and the birthday boy's gorgeous photos combined to make this pillow.

Don't worry: the ID blocker strips over their eyes are for internet use only. I've decided that I owe it to my clients and their loved ones to keep their faces off the world wild web. The recipient will actually be able to see and identify his granddaughter and cat. Yes, I'm relieved too.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Reason I Had Babies

You may remember that I like sewing. And possibly more than that, I like costumes. And despite what I said about evolutionary instincts, the real reason I wanted to have children was to be able to make Halloween costumes for them. Remember my Mr. Potato Head? Remember my awesome monarch butterfly?

So it comes as a great surprise to me that I did not make their Halloween costumes this year. Why?
First (and this might not surprise the wiser among you), having twin babies is a lot of work, and I don't have a lot of free time.

Second, having stocked up on five children's costumes already at consignment sales, I had a free treasure trove of available costumes. Free -- or already bought for 3 dollars each -- costumes are less expensive than buying fabric.
Third, how could I deny the world the chance to see Elisa as this particular bunny and Amanda as this particular pink poodle?
So maybe next year, when the girls have a little more idea what Halloween is, and are aware that they're wearing costumes at all, I'll make them something special. For this year, we did just fine.