Friday, September 05, 2008

Back in Business

I'm happy to report that my infertility struggles seem to be over, and I am a growing mama-to-be of twins. To see pictures of that creative feat, see

Now I'm back to my original creative pursuit, throwing my (increased) weight into the fiber arts again. I wanted to share a picture of a quilt I made recently for a friend who is working in Malawi. Her mom passed away recently, but not before she got to spend a month with her daughter in the wilds of Africa. After her death, I made this cuddly throw-quilt for the daughter, using the mom's clothes that she wore or bought on her trip. We also included a few photos of her wearing those clothes, making the memories that fill her daughter's heart and make the quilt a special heirloom.

Here is what the daughter wrote me when she received the quilt:

"I want to thank you ever so sincerely from the bottom of my heart thru the tips of my toes… The quilt is amazing! Beautiful! Creative! I am soooooooo happy to have it! I cried for about an hour after opening it. I kept touching each piece, remembering where we were when she wore it, wishing I would see her again… I loved the windy picture making her look like an angel watching over my heart… Then a day later, I noticed the central compartment in the heart… I love that picture. I cried again, of course. I am crying now as I am snuggled under it. I loved how you made the backing – super soft for cuddling and with a slot for hanging easily. I really cannot thank you enough. I only hope that someday I can show my gratitude!"

This is why I do it.