Monday, September 03, 2007

Inspirational Wall-Hangings

When I look back on what I've done in my life, one thing that I seem particularly drawn to is comforting people with art. I've decided to make that a more central part of Fiber of Her Being. I started with "Comfort Pillows," (a.k.a. Chemo Pillows), which feature pictures of loved ones that people in need can lean on and look at in tough times. I find making those very rewarding.

Now I've begun a new line, which is a series of wall-hangings and pillows that have inspirational sayings emblazoned on them, to help keep us going. The first one says, "It will all be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end." The second one says, "For every mountain there is a miracle." The next one... don't know yet.

This new idea was inspired by a host of wonderful women who are, like me, trying to stare down the horrible beast of infertility. I hope that my comrades-in-arms can take these pillows with them for their various scary procedures, and remember that someone loves them and that it will all be okay in the end.

Pillows will be priced at the usual $45, and wall-hangings will sell for $60, which is a huge savings over my normal $200 minimum. As always, I'd be happy to whip up a custom one with your own saying on it.