Monday, July 09, 2007

Diving into T-shirts

This is my most recent quilt, made from the T-shirt collection of a Navy Diver. This brave man passed away 2 years ago, and this quilt will be a gift for his 9-year old daughter. My challenge was to make something that reflected his "bad ass"-ness (see all those punk rock skulls and topless mermaids?) and was still sweet enough to carry his memories to his little girl. I think I did it. Note his sailor shirt in the middle hugging her Star Wars hoodie. Not a dry eye in this house.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Fiber gets New Trademarks!

After a year's wait, "Fiber of Her Being" is finally a trademarked name! We received the paperwork from the U.S. Patent & Trademark office last week. The company now owns exclusive rights to use "Fiber of Her Being" on quilts and quilted wall-hangings and home decor in these fifty nifty united states. Does my little lawyer heart good.

Another -- LONGER -- CraftyPod Interview

Last month's 5-minute interview was not enough. At CraftyPod's request, Fiber of Her Being's very own Kay Bailey was featured in a new, in depth, 20-minute interview with Diane Gilleland, the creative genius behind CraftyPod podcasts and blog. Join us as delve deeper into the value of preserving human memories in fabric, and the particular rewards and challenges that go along with it. Listen to Kay get mushy, make a dumb pun or two, and even cry a little! You'll also get to hear the story of this Frisbee quilt, made for a couple who met while playing Ultimate Frisbee. The fun never stops. It's all at