Monday, April 23, 2007

Donate Yarn for Families of Child Murder Victims

Hi, folks,

Here's a great chance to clean out your craft closet and help families in need! Please donate your extra yarn and knitting or crochet needles -- and even your crafting skills -- for a project to help the families of child murder victims in Washington, DC.

The project is called "An Afghan Memorial Project for Child Victims of Murder: Wrapped in Love" and has two components:
  1. Teaching families of murder victims to make Afghan blankets to express their feelings about their fallen children and create a warm, tactile memorial, and
  2. Creating a tapestry for the MLK Jr. Public Library in DC, where the children's names can be hung.
If you have extra yarn and knitting or crochet needles, please consider donating them now. You can also come knit and crochet with us on May 19, 2007, when we'll be making the tapestry for the library.

Send donations to the Art Division, MLK Jr. Library, Room 209, 901 G Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20001. The phone there is 202-727-1238 and email is For more information, contact the Project Manager, Deirdre Wright, at 202-494-2724 or This project is sponsored by the MLK Jr. Public Library and the Frantz Fanon Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies and has received grants from the DC Humanities Council of the District of Columbia.

I can't imagine a better cause. Please help.


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